• Anechoic Chamber

    The 1980’s brought both new challenges and opportunities. Increased competition from both domestic and imported products along with a recession stalled sales growth. McIntosh responded with new innovative designs that won over a whole new generation of customers.
  • Carl Van Gelder, Senior Speaker engineer, is shown in the full sized McIntosh anechoic chamber. Thorough engineering creates the best speaker designs possible.
  • McIntosh continued to earn patents through the 80’s. Both the MC2500 power amplifier and the XRT20 loudspeaker system were released in 1980 and earned patents.
  • MCD7000 was the first McIntosh CD player. Great sound quality established McIntosh as a leader in CD player design and also swayed many to become CD fans.
  • XRT20 was one of the most innovative speakers of the decade. This was the first application of a tall line array speaker for the home, overcoming many common speaker issues.