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McIntosh has partnered with Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab to bring you an amazing offer:

For a limited time, when you purchase a new qualified McIntosh product from a participating authorized dealer and register it with McIntosh, you will receive a Gift Certificate code worth up to $1,000* to use towards the purchase of vinyl LPs, SACDs or CDs from

The qualifying models and their Gift Certificate values included in this special offer are:

  • MT5 Precision Turntable: $750
  • MT10 Precision Turntable: $1,000
  • MP100 Phono Preamplifier: $500
  • MP1100 Phono Preamplifier: $1,000
  • MCT450 SADC/CD Transport: $750
  • MVP901​ Audio Video Player: $750
  • D150 Digital Preamplifier: $500
  • D1100 Digital Preamplifier: $1,000

Visit your participating dealer today to take advantage of this amazing LIMITED TIME offer!

* Offer valid on purchases made between February 20, 2017 and March 31, 2017. Valid only to US and Canadian customers who purchase new qualified McIntosh product(s) from a participating US or Canadian authorized dealer. Purchases made at non-participating dealers will not qualify for promotional Gift Certificate codes. Customer should make certain that dealer is participating before purchase. If dealer has not signed up to participate, ask that they do so. In order to insure in advance that purchase(s) will qualify, customers can verify dealer participation by calling McIntosh at (607) 352-2367 before purchasing. If customer purchases multiple new qualified McIntosh products, they will receive all applicable codes. To receive code(s), customer must purchase from a participating dealer and register​ their product(s) between February 20, 2017 and March 31, 2017. Customer will have until May 31, 2017 to redeem the code(s) for MoFi products of his or her choice. Customers may make partial redemptions up to their aggregate maximum value through the expiration date. On June 1, 2017 codes not redeemed, or unredeemed balances remaining on partially redeemed codes, will expire and be of no further value. Codes will be emailed to customers by McIntosh after customer registers their product and McIntosh verifies the purchase. Codes will be emailed to the email address the customer supplies when registering their product(s). McIntosh and MoFi are not responsible for codes that cannot be delivered due to incorrect email addresses supplied by the customer.