McIntosh ST-1 Accessory Stand Merchandise

A stylish way to display your phone or tablet when you're in the middle of streaming a great playlist to your AirPlay® equipped McIntosh system. If your battery is running low, a built in slot allows for a USB cable connection for charging, while the rugged McIntosh design makes sure it doesn't fall over like some other flimsy stands. Rubber feet protect delicate surfaces. Measures approximately 6.5" x 5.5" x 3" and weighs approximately 2 lbs.

iPhone and iPad shown with McIntosh AP1 Music Player. App available on the iTunes App Store. iPhone and iPad not included.

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McIntosh ST-1 Accessory Stand

  • ​Perfect for holding your phone or tablet
  • Great when streaming music via AirPlay

McIntosh Clock

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McIntosh Umbrella

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McIntosh Mug

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McIntosh Flashlight

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McIntosh Keychain

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