Preamplifiers act as a hub for the connection of all your other components. The rear panel of any McIntosh preamplifier will feature an enormous number of connections. They are there to accommodate all of your current and future needs.

At McIntosh, performance, ergonomics, and quality construction all play equally important roles. Nowhere is this more evident than in our preamplifier and amplifier.

They offer intuitive operation, and exude a quality feel and familiarity that’s welcoming.

Offered with both Solid-State and Tube-type circuits, all McIntosh preamplifiers are easy to operate, flexible, and offer the highest level of audio performance available.

Preamplifiers, Stereo Preamplifiers, Tube Preamplifiers - McIntosh Labs

  • C1000
  • C500
  • C2500
  • C22
  • C50
  • C48
  • D150
  • D100
  • C2300
  • C220


2-Channel Preamplifier

  • Configurable Tube/Solid State/Controller
  • Dual-Mono design


2-Channel Preamplifier

  • Tube or Solid State; MM and MC Phono
  • 3 outputs per channel for tri-amping


2-Channel Tube Preamplifier

  • Combines legendary McIntosh tube sound with digital high resolution audio playback


2-Channel Tube Preamplifier

  • Retro styling, modern performance
  • 10 inputs, 4 outputs


2-Channel Preamplifier

  • Advanced digital inputs including USB
  • USB DAC with 32bit, 192kHz (96kHz) interface


2-Channel Preamplifier

  • 5 band tone controls
  • Analog inputs


2-Channel Digital Preamplifier

  • Supports DSD and DXD
  • 2 Coax, 2 Optical, 1 USB Input


2-Channel Digital Preamplifier

  • 2 Coax, 2 Optical, 1 USB Input
  • Advanced Quad Balanced DAC


2-Channel Tube Preamplifier

  • MM and MC Phono
  • 7 Inputs


2-Channel Tube Preamplifier

  • 7 Unbalanced high level inputs
  • 2 Balanced (XLR) inputs