McIntosh lifestyle products are the perfect solution for those who demand full-bodied sound in a compact package with simple functionality. Engineered to the same standard of quality as all of our audio systems with the flexibility to adapt to today’s consumer needs, you will be stunned by quality of sound available in this new series.

Utilizing the latest materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, many McIntosh patented electronic innovations have found their way into these easy-to-place products.

These complete, integrated solutions take the worry out of matching components for the best synergy, while the unimpeachable McIntosh reputation guarantees that you are buying a high performance lifestyle audio system that includes an amplifier.

LifeStyle Audio Systems, Home Audio Systems

  • MHP1000
  • MHA100
  • MB100
  • McAire
  • MXA70
  • MXA60



  • Smooth, full bodied, non-fatiguing response
  • Closed headphone design


2-Channel Headphone Amplifier

  • ​3 headphone impedance ranges
  • Small, compact size


Media Bridge

  • Hub for all your digital media
  • Enjoy your favorite streaming services


Integrated Audio System

  • ​Built in Apple AirPlay®
  • Wirelessly stream your iTunes®


2-Channel Integrated Audio System

  • 50 Watts x 2 channel
  • 6 inputs including 4 digital


2-Channel Integrated Audio System

  • 75 Watts x 2 channel
  • SACD/CD Player and AM/FM Tuner