01.11.2013 | News


Las Vegas, NV, January 8, 2013 - McIntosh, the global leader in prestige home entertainment and ultimate-quality audio for over 60 years, is pleased to announce the launch of seven new home audio products at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show: D100 Digital Preamplifier, C2500 Tube Preamplifier, MAC6700 Stereo Receiver, MT5 Precision Turntable, and a family of Integrated Amplifiers. Handcrafted at McIntosh’s Binghamton, NY facility, each product reflects the very best aspects of McIntosh performance, quality and design. Following the success of the McIntosh McAire which launched at the end of 2012, these new products exemplify McIntosh’s continued commitment to enhancing the core product categories for which they are celebrated.

McIntosh President Charlie Randall noted: “Never before has McIntosh introduced this many products at CES, which is a testament to the passion and strength of our internal engineering team.  We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality products in an effort to deliver the ultimate listening experience, and these new systems will provide our discerning customers with more options to help them create their ideal system.”

D100 Digital Preamplifier – Digital music with the classic McIntosh sound
The D100 remote controlled digital stereo preamplifier is a simple solution to add digital music to your existing McIntosh system, assuring the best sound from your music collection. The D100 digital preamp has five digital inputs and both variable and fixed volume audio output. Advanced Quad Balanced, Digital-to-Analog circuitry makes the D100 capable of handling the finest commercial recordings, and the powerful built-in headphone amplifier elevates the sound to provide the ultimate personal listening experience.

C2500 Tube Preamplifier – Audio pleasure without compromise
The feature-rich C2500 combines McIntosh’s legendary vacuum tube preamplifier circuitry with a full suite of useful and modern real world features and the latest McIntosh technology. While maintaining the romantic sound of tubes, the C2500 boasts the best measured performance of any single-chassis McIntosh tube preamplifier by separating the power supply, digital and control circuitry from the noise sensitive analog audio sections. Six dual triode tubes ensure the finest pre-amplification of high level sources and phono playback, and tone controls may be assigned to individual sources as needed. All stereo digital sources may be connected to the McIntosh Digital Engine via five digital inputs - eliminating the complexity of add-on digital decoding boxes - and be outputted at up to 32 bits and 192kHz with the classic McIntosh sound. Up to three stereo power amplifier may be connected at one time with the ability to switch two of them on and off to simplify whole-house audio distribution.

MAC6700 Stereo Receiver – A McIntosh receiver for the next generation 
The MAC6700 is the first McIntosh stereo receiver model since 1993 and the finest ever produced by McIntosh. Superior engineering and innovative design now allow all stereo sources to be played. The 200-watts-per-channel amplifier has enough power to properly drive virtually all loudspeaker types, and the world famous McIntosh load matching Autoformer guarantees your speakers will always receive the full 200 watts of power. Two dedicated phono sections delivers the best possible sound from your turntable, and the built in AM/FM/HD Radio™ capable tuner receives your favorite radio stations with clarity and realism that is free from noise and distortion.  The McIntosh Digital Engine will decode your digital music at up to 32 bits and 192 kHz for classic analog fidelity.

MT5 Precision Turntable – A Modern Classic
The MT5 turntable is engineered so that each part synergistically combines to produce superb record playback – tracking force, anti-skate force, cartridge overhang, and arm height are all preset for maximum performance. While the construction of the MT5 is meticulous, the setup is simple. In a few easy steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy your favorite vinyl recordings. The MT5 maintains classic McIntosh styling by taking full advantage of the chassis materials used to suppress noise, resonance and coloration so the only sound produced is that which is on your records.

Integrated Amplifiers
The latest additions to the McIntosh Integrated Amplifier line feature the brand’s iconic blue power level meters, patented technology to deliver McIntosh analog sound quality, and two dedicated phono sections to reinvigorate your vinyl collection. The McIntosh Digital Engine will decode your digital music at up to 32 bits and 192 kHz for maximum analog fidelity and enjoyment.

MA5200 – Maximum value & flexibility
The MA5200 integrated amp delivers the full McIntosh audio experience in a sleek, compact size - simply add your favorite speakers and audio sources to create a complete system. MA5200 provides 100 watts per channel and is the perfect size for modestly sized listening spaces.

MA6700 – High performance centerpiece 
The MA6700 is a 200-watts-per-channel amplifier handcrafted with the world famous McIntosh load matching Autoformer, the MA6700 guarantees your speakers will always receive the full power rating. The MA6700, developed exclusively for the international export market, includes bass and treble controls and Home Theater Pass Through for easy integration into your theater system. 

MA7900 – The technology and features music lovers demand
All of the popular McIntosh features that music lovers demand are combined in the MA7900 to make audio dreams become reality. A stainless steel chassis is the same as used on separate McIntosh preamplifiers, ensuring that the product will last for generations. The 200-watts-per-channel amplifier has enough power to properly drive virtually all loudspeaker types. Discrete, five band tone control permits manual analog adjustment of your favorite recordings and may be assigned by input or bypassed as desired.