09.18.2015 | Reviews & Awards
Reviews & Awards


Italian audio website was lucky enough to get one of the first pair of MCT450 SACD/CD Transport and D150 Digital Preamplifier to arrive in Italy. Both are available separately and can be used without the other. But when connected together, they create a secure, custom connection for playback of the high definition DSD audio found on SACDs to deliver the purest possible sound quality from a CD library.

Fans of CDs and in particular SACDs - and the DSD audio they contain, were eager to put the pair to the test. While listening to a variety of CDs and SACDs, the reviewer says the MCT450/D150 combo plays “perfectly and in the right way,” noting “the dynamics of these two McIntosh seems to have no comparison!” When playing Missa Criolla by Mercedes Sosa, her voice is described as “stunning!” On Mozart's Requiem, “the soundstage is very wide, the choir is well defined and you never have the impression of voices that are tangled or confused.” With the D150 connected to a computer to enjoy digital music files, he notes “there are no hurdles at all.”

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