08.16.2016 | Reviews & Awards
Reviews & Awards


With a product line up "as high-end as ever" and "a build quality second to none," Audio Esoterica says McIntosh's "old-school values have not stood in the way" of today's audio requirements as evidenced by theD150 Digital Preamplifier andMCT450​ SACD/CD Transport being reviewed. After an overview of each unit's features it was on to listening with most of the test sessions spent listening to SACD discs. The results?

"Oh. My. Goodness. Disc after disc of glorious high resolution sound." It wasn't just modern day recordings that sounded great as even some symphonies from the early 1960s "came to life" with a full sound. With the equipment's transparency "as close to perfect" as he'd experience, the reviewer often found himself on the edge of his seat.

"The two devices just ran happily and unobtrusively, doing what they were asked, and doing it to the highest possible audible standards... They bring together the very highest levels of high fidelity performance, and reliable, feature-laden delivery. This is truly impressive gear."

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(By Stephen Dawson / Audio Esoterica / / 2016 Issue #1)