02.25.2011 | Reviews & Awards
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Over its 60 years in operation, McIntosh has been at the forefront of high-end hardware for audio and video. Its products have included power amps, preamps, loudspeakers, music servers, turntables, DVD players, and more—all highly rated in their respective categories and priced well beyond the threshold of affordability for the average consumer. Since 1949, the Binghamton, New York–based company has focused its product line almost entirely on the mainstays of modern home entertainment—the reproduction of music from physical media, like vinyl and CDs, and video from DVDs This philosophy is exemplified by McIntosh’s recent 60th anniversary offering, the MXA60 Integrated Audio System. It’s the first all-in-one tabletop unit the company has ever produced...

So what does all this mean once you place the MXA60 on a table or shelf in a listening room? In the Guitar Aficionado media center, it was pure audio nirvana—particularly when you consider the minimal unboxing and setup time for such a compact unit. Instruments had good separation, vocals were crisp and forward, and the overall soundstage had a rich, enveloping effect. The MXA60 also has loads of headroom, producing a pleasant and distortion-free listening experience at any volume.

By Jeff Kitts (posted January 25, 2011)

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