09.23.2017 | Reviews & Awards
Reviews & Awards

Tone Audio reviews the MP1100: "A serious stand-alone phonostage"

In their review, Tone Audio calls the MP1100 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier "a serious stand-alone phonostage, regardless of what’s in the rest of your system." With it featuring 9 profiles, 8 capacitance settings, 7 resistance settings, 5 equalization curves, 3 phono inputs, 2 noise filters, digital extraction, adjustable gain and a Mono setting, it's easy to understand Tone's statement. "Mono records, 78s, older records with different EQ curves, the MP1100 is equipped for every option you can think of."

McIntosh MP1100 Phono Preamplifier 

To combat noise, the MP1100 features a fully balanced vacuum tube configuration and a dual mono design. With a dual mono layout, the left and right audio channels are electrically and mechanically isolated from each other while the power supplies are electronically separated. This helps make it very quiet as Tone noted: "...the MP1100 is quiet. Perhaps one of the quietest all tube phonostages we’ve heard."

"For someone wanting a reasonably priced, all-encompassing vinyl playback and archiving workstation with multiple turntables, the MP1100 is without peer."

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(by Jeff Dorgay / Tone Audio / July 2017)