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Questlove, who co-hosted our MT5 listening event with John Varvatos, spent a couple of hours taking and answering questions on our Twitter page @McIntoshLabs. In case you weren't able to participate or follow along, here's a full transcript of the Twitter session.

Start: Ahmir Thompson aka BROTHER Question aka ?uestlove aka Questo Jenkins ready to take on yer ?uestions! #AskQuestlove........rolling!

Q: Hey Questo, give us a rundown of your home stereo... table, carttidge, pre/power, speakers... #askquestlove @mcintoshlabs @questlove
A: hopefully --ahem-- a nice new @Mcintoshlabs hookup? cough cough?

Q: @mcintoshlabs #AskQuestlove - have you listened to #theelectriclady yet, and what are your thoughts?
A: @JanelleMonae is one of my favs, i have the new #TheElectricLady album, can't wait to absorb it!

Q: @mcintoshlabs #AskQuestlove What's your software/setup for ripping vinyl?
A: most of the time im able to find digital versions of what i crave on wax so i dont rip (japanese imports are $$$$) BUT (pt 1) (pt 2) if im SUPER DESPERATE i got @LateNightJimmy interns to rip stuff for me.

Q: @mcintoshlabs @questlove what's your favorite song? #AskQuestlove
A: asking me my favorite song/album is asking me what my favorite breath is. right now THIS is my theme.

Q: @mcintoshlabs @questlove #AskQuestlove what's your favorite sandwich?
A: favorite sandwich? Henry Public's Turkey Leg sandwich tie'd Drunken Grilled Cheese from Rye (both Brooklyn based & die for)

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs #AskQuestlove What ever happened to Rahzel?
A: ask @RAHZELTHELEGEND himself!!! we jammed earlier this year outdoors for #RBMA

Q: Quest if you were makin a musical map of manhattan who would be broadway?
A: easy! Barrington Levy!

Q: I play bass. Bass and drums are like pb&j IMO. Who's some bassists u like? #AskQuestlove
A: i've played w MONSTER bassits, but i'llsay @PinoPallidino's laidback simple style completes me

Q: @mcintoshlabs #AskQuestlove any upcoming musical collaborations?
A: i'm always in collab mode, in 2 weeks i Elvis (aka @ImposterSpeaks) will shake up the world

Q: @mcintoshlabs did u see the James Murphy McIntosh System? what did u think?
A: yes both James Murphy & Jack White have great McIntosh systems.....i uh... well i wish to have THE SAME SYSTEM ahem*cough*

Q: Hey Questlove, I've been at Made In America 2 times and The Roots haven't been at either. What's the deal ? #AskQuestlove
A: hmmm, well being as though @TheRoots hit 800k people each summer (#RootsPicnic & #Philly4thOfJulyJam) its a lil redundant no?

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs #askquestlove favorite @ElvisCostello album?
A: well...i like #PunchTheClock but i always like the wrong album...our co producer @StevenMandel reeled me in with #GetHappy!

Q: @mcintoshlabs @questlove #AskQuestlove When R the Roots comin back 2 SoFLA? I know @jimmyfallon got yall but WENEED!
A: that was a fun show. i have a few #ArtBasel offers though. we will see.

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs What's your favorite record made by a trio? #AskQuestlove
A: my favorite record made by a trio? THIS

Q: @mcintoshlabs favorite stones throw release? #askquestlove
A: my favorite #StonesThrow release?

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs Do you missthe 5 SpotandBlack Lily shows? What's the best place to hear good unsignedbands in Philly? #AskQuestlove
A: i guess i miss the idea of the Lily Jam sessions.....but the headache$ though.....

Q: #AskQuestlove @mcintoshlabs rumors were you was at OSU...Will you and The Roots ever come back? If so, when?
A: osu?

Q: @theroots @questlove @mcintoshlabs when are the roots coming to perform in South Africa? #AskQuestlove
A: The Roots will come to South Africa when fans demand to promotors they want us there. its a lil costly bringing a band so....

Q: @mcintoshlabs can you #AskQuestlove if there are plans to bring Roots Picnic to the UK?
A: london (former homebase) was influential in our jam/festival ideas, the idea of #TheRootsPicnic is to bring people to philly.

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs If you had to pick one to do for the rest of your life which one would you do, play drums or DJ? #AskQuestlove
A: one job only for the rest of my life? i'd executive produce @SoulTrain

Q: What made you want to start drumming and what keeps the passion going for you? #AskQuestLove @mcintoshlabs @questlove
A: according to my parents (as stated in this i just started smacking all furniture at the age of 2

Q: @mcintoshlabs #AskQuestlove hey what do you think about Eddie Murphy's new single? I think it's pretty awesome!!
A: hmmmm Eddie got a nice reggae flavor to it but my all time favorite Eddie Murphy reggae jam? #TyroneGreen

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs #askquestlove when the next Roots album droppin?
A: #WiseUpGhost (in 2 weeks!!!!)

Q: @mcintoshlabs @questlove How do you think the ending of Breaking Bad will go down? Do you think Walt will get away with it? #AskQuestLove
A: hmmm, my thoughts on the ending of #BreakingBad?

Q: @mcintoshlabs @Questlove what are the top demos of all time ? #askQuestlove
A: my favorite demo of all time? #Dilla

Q: Who's on your "hiphop Mt. Rushmore" ? @questlove @mcintoshlabs #AskQuestlove
A: Dylan, Dylan Dylan & Dylan

Q: What drummers inspired you growing up? #AskQuestLove @mcintoshlabs @questlove
A: my fav drummer growing up was the non white member of the Average White Band #SteveFerrone #ThatSnare

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs #AskQuestLove when is The Roots coming back to Cuba?? Our Hip Hop movement loves you out there!!
A: we first went to Cuba in 2003. amazing how the spirit of hip hop has traveled over there. would love to collab w/ musicians

Q: @mcintoshlabs @questlove I heard in an interview you know PTA. How did you guys meet? Is he a hip hop fan? #AskQuestlove
A: due to my BFF status w/ Maya i guess that's how i got stuck with the family. PTA is a great dad! love hanging with em.

Q: #AskQuestlove @questlove @mcintoshlabs where can I see the archive footage of you tap dancing debut?
A: you'd think that someone at @KYWNewsradio on 5th street woulda read #MoMetaBlues and unearthed that Jack Jones footage.

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs What's something from old school hip hop you miss that doesn't exist a lot in New school hip hop?? #AskQuestlove
A: the element from old school hip hop that i miss? crammed sampling!!! THAT is what recycles the music industry!

Q: #AskQuestLove @mcintoshlabs What's your least favorite time signature to play in?
A: my least favorite time signature? 0/0

Q: @mcintoshlabs if you had an opportunity to write another book, would you, and what age range would you direct it towards? #AskQuestLove
A: funny you should ask, my 2nd book will be out in 6 weeks!!!!! #SoulTrain order NOW!

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs What's one of your all time favourite Dilla beats and why? #AskQuestlove #toughtochoose
A: favorite #Dilla beat? Black Star's "Little Brother" (the story of it is on the youtube page)

Q: @mcintoshlabs: What was the final hot/not percentage on your amihotornot pic from a few million years ago? Asking for a friend #AskQuestlove
A: uh...someone thought i was hot? Lol

Q: @mcintoshlabs @questlove #AskQuestlove Can I get the Voodoo outtakes??
A: how about we just beg for the followup? (ps, its no longer called James River) (hint its 2 words 12 letters lol)

Q: @mcintoshlabs #AskQuestlove: are there defenite plans on touring europe with Costello?
A: both camps wanna tour but with Tonight Show and Elvis schedule it will be difficult. we have a sneak NYC show coming soon!

Q: Hey @questlove & @mcintoshlabs! What is your favorite Prince song that you've covered? #AskQuestlove
A: covered? i haven't covered much Prince. i enjoyed dismantling "Sister" for @Bilal

Q: Which celeb is the biggest audiophile freak #askquestlove @mcintoshlabs
A: hmmmm, John Mayer is kinda an obsessive freak of audio.

Q: @mcintoshlabs #AskQuestlove can you tell us anything about the &TYSYC album? Has recording started? Themes? Musical direction?
A: we got 4 songs started for the next Roots hip hop album &TYSYC

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs Are you amazed that in 2013 the two hottest singles are funk tunes? #AskQuestlove
A: im highly amazed and glad and dont let it stop! by this writing Nile should have a deal.

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs what's the most life changing book you've ever read and why? #askquestlove
A: favorite books and records....too hard to say!

Q: @questlove @mcintoshlabs a skit w my rap buddy big tal...on phone rapping w u guys playing on show..please..ty
A: rap? who me? pshsss hahahahaha

Q: @mcintoshlabs u think Flav was spose 2 buy movie tix but went to an audition instead so they all ended up at Driving Ms Daisy? #AskQuestlove
A: great #Burn reference

Q: @mcintoshlabs @questlove Off to NYC on vacation soon and want to do some record shopping(jazz & hip hop). Any favorite stores? #AskQuestlove
A: the last of the great shopping spots in nyc is a-1 records. (digging enthusiasts can chime in too)

END: Questo Jenkins signing off! @questlove.