06.05.2024 | Reviews & Awards
Reviews & Awards

McIntosh MA8950 Takes Home Integrated Amplifier of the Year Award

McIntosh MA8950 Product of the Year Stereo+

Nothing epitomizes McIntosh’s pursuit of excellence like the MA8950 Integrated Amplifier. Its predecessor, the MA8900, had earned accolades such as the Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity 2017 Best Stereo Integrated Amplifier, but the MA8950 combined our decades’ worth of amplifier expertise and cutting-edge preamp technology to enhance a piece of high-end audio equipment that had already set industry standards. We are proud to announce that the MA8950 has been named Integrated Amplifier of the Year by magazine Stereo+.

Stereo+ praises the MA8950 for its punchy mid-bass and ability to push into the deepest bass, delivering high-fidelity sound amplification “no matter what it is asked to do.” It effortlessly handles demanding musical passages, maintaining control even at the deepest frequencies. Reviewer Håvard Holmedal states, “With its great musical versatility and muscular control, it creates a separate experience for each stanza and every song I put on.”

The MA8950's ability to play music with authority and high torque makes it a top choice for audiophiles. Its muscularity and control create a unique experience for every track, breathing new life into old recordings that may have sounded sparse or thin. “The McIntosh MA8950 sounds flattering, smooth and detailed, and combines that with impressive muscles.”

McIntosh MA8950 Integrated Amplifier

Beyond its power, the McIntosh MA8950 also boasts a flattering, smooth, and detailed sound. It's a versatile amplifier that excels across various musical genres, making it a valuable addition to any home audio system. "I know I would be delighted to have an amplifier like this standing in the living room."

The McIntosh MA8950 Integrated Amplifier is a testament to our commitment to quality and performance.

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(Excerpts taken from original review by Håvard Holmedal / / November 21, 2023)