"This big, all-American design brings out the best sound from any pair of headphones." That's a bold statement, especially coming from industry guru Steve Guttenberg, aka The Audiophiliac Man on CNET and Twitter. Tests were conducted at McIntosh dealer Stereo Exchange and included listening to a variety of headphones on the MHA100.

He started with a pair of over-the-ear phones that "are exceedingly difficult to drive, no smartphone or even home AV receiver can light them up, but here with the MHA100 [the] set was extraordinarily transparent, with lively dynamics and wide-open stereo imaging." He also plugged in his everyday in-ears. The result? "Wow, the MHA100 transformed their sound. The low bass power and definition were phenomenal, and the stereo imaging was more spacious - I've never heard [them] sounding better."

(By Steve Guttenberg / / August 23, 2014)

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