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The McIntosh MT5 turntable continues to turn heads and grab the media's attention. Here's a recap of recent coverage.

Forbes writes that with a few key upgrades to your home audio system, your favorite Rolling Stones song can be elevated to an even higher realm. The MT5 turntable "lifts you there, in part, by damping vibrations that can color the ultimate sound: the massive, acoustically inert, softly glowing platter floats on magnetic bearings to further reduce resonances and can also be fine-tuned to cope with off-speed records."
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Man of Many calls the MT5 "spectacular." With its high performance platter and drive assembly, it's exactly what your beloved vinyls deserve.
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The Coolector says the MT5 is "devilishly dapper" with an "exceptional design" made up of some super high end parts. (by Leo Davie / / December 18, 2013) Full article available here.

Uncrate advises that if you've spent years carefully cultivating your record collection, then it might be time you had a record player that reflected your passion. The MT5 Turntable "the pinnacle of musical performance, with perfectly-engineered components that let you hear your albums, not the player."
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Cool Hunting added the MT5 to their 2013 Gift Guide, calling it a "beauty" that "uses state-of-the-art technology to reduce any possibility of audio distortion, noise or coloration—so you only hear what is on the vinyl recording."
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Stupid Dope notes there is something cool about a vinyl collection that people may have been collecting since their childhood. They also note such vinyl classics can’t be played on just any old thing, and that "the McIntosh MT5 Turntable is the perfect player for them."
(By Tamika Frye / / December 19, 2013) Full article available here.

30Npire says the MT5 is "built not only for those that like music," but for those who appreciate "aesthetics, build quality and also the finer, intricate sound details you get from the best audio equipment." They go on to say it is a "meticulously crafted turntable that is silent - enabling the sound quality of the record to be enjoyed in its full glory."
(By Opuada Eldred Green / / December 20, 2013) Full article available here