McIntosh engineers made the dream come true with a three way dual column design meticulously housing forty tweeters, sixty-four midrange and six woofers. In XRT2K, all elements are chosen for use with high power amplifiers up to 2,000 Watts. The XRT2K is a full range line array system with mirror-image symmetry. Listeners sitting close to the home theater systems will not hear ‘hot spots’ of certain frequencies and listeners at a great distance notice little drop off in sound. The sound dispersion pattern is smooth and wide, resulting in exceptional stereo image in a greater variety of listening positions. XRT2K comes with sealed aluminum cabinet allows the system to be located close to a rear wall without bass “boom.”

When the XRT2K made its debut at CES 2005, it rocked the convention hall, the city of Las Vegas and the entire audio world. But now after a production life spanning over a decade, this legendary speaker is being discontinued. Only 10 more units will ever be made; being the final units, they are likely to sell quickly so don’t miss your chance to acquire these renowned speakers.

The last 10 units will be unique compared to all previous XRT2Ks in that they will have black mid-ranges instead of silver. The black mid-ranges will give the final 10 speakers an exclusive appearance and make for an appropriate send off to this legendary speaker. The black mid-ranges will also signify that the speakers are from the final production which could contribute to future resale value.

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