Qty Model Description
2 MC611 1-Channel Solid State Amplifier
1 C53 2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier
1 MT10 Precision Turntable
1 MCD600 2-Channel SACD/CD Player
1 MS500 Music Streamer
1 MR87 AM/FM Tuner
1 MEN220 Room Correction System
1 MPC1500 Power Controller
2 XRT1.1K Floor Standing Loudspeaker

The powerful SoHo I music system has everything you need to enjoy the music you love. It will sonically fill the largest room in your home with ease while serving as the visual centerpiece. This system includes a compilation of music sources, media players and audio enhancement products to ensure that you are experiencing your music in its truest form.

Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Exact components may vary.

Discover the Products

  • McIntosh MC611 Amplifier


    1-Channel Solid State Amplifier

    • 600 Watt Quad Balanced Monoblock
    • 55% increase in Dynamic Headroom compared to previous model

  • McIntosh C53 Preamplifier


    2-Channel Solid State Preamplifier

    • 16 inputs (9 analog + 7 digital)
    • 8 band analog equalizer
    • Supports up to DSD512 files
    • Comes with DA2 Digital Audio Module installed

  • McIntosh MT10 Turntable


    Precision Turntable

    • Belt drive
    • Moving Coil cartridge
    • Illuminated speed meter

  • McIntosh MCD600 SACD/CD Player


    2-Channel SACD/CD Player

    • Premium 8-channel, 32-bit PCM/DSD Quad Balanced DAC
    • Plays CD/DVD Data Discs & USB flash drives
    • Fixed & variable analog stereo outputs

  • McIntosh MS500 Music Streamer


    Music Streamer

    • Seamlessly controls your internet based streaming music and your locally stored digital music
    • Interfaces to leading streaming services including Pandora®, Rhapsody®, SiriusXM®, Spotify®, TIDAL and TuneIn
    • Internal solid state drive for local storage

  • McIntosh MR87 AM/FM Tuner


    AM/FM Tuner

    • Proprietary radio-frequency circuitry
    • Advanced low distortion performance

  • McIntosh MEN200 Room Correction System


    Room Correction System

    • Works on 1/12 Octaves
    • 2-Way Electronic Crossover for Bi-amping

  • McIntosh MPC1500 Power Controller


    Power Controller

    • Toroidal Isolation Transformer
    • Quick-acting Surge Suppression Module
    • Connect up to 12 components

  • McIntosh XRT1.1K Loudspeaker


    Floor Standing Loudspeaker

    • 1,200 Watt power rating
    • Ported 4-Way; Tri-amp & Tri-wire
    • Line Array design with 70 drivers